StoryCorps appointment—yeehaw!

In the last few days, I did what I wanted to do two years ago– book an appointment on the traveling StoryCorps booth. My brother and I booked two back-to-back appointments for the StoryCorps booth for a Saturday in January at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles. We’ll each interview one of our parents. I am so stoked.

Two years ago, I receive the weekly email updates for StoryCorps. I followed their progress of the West Coast booth… and the year ended in San Francisco. No new place or date was announced. Then it was the holidays, and I turned my mind to other things. After returning from the mental sojourn, I discovered that StoryCorps was in the general LA area, and all times were booked, sorry. This time around, I got in on the appointment-booking day (first attempt was 5am before starting another leg of the families holiday roadtrip adventure). They weren’t taking bookings at 5am, but they were later that day, when I was in the presence of Mom and Dad and Bro4. Bro4 and I each got on the fone and booked two consecutive appointments.

This. is. so. cool. It helps, too that I met David Isay, got a copy of Listening Is an Act of Love (he inscribed a copy for my parents), and that they’ve seen the book and the stories. (um, by the way, I haven’t mentioned it, but I totally recommend the book. great stuff there.)

Something else I got during the holidays—to witness some family oral history using photo albums. I was mostly silent during that, operating the equipment and asking the occasional question to elaborate. Will have more to say on that front soon.

The other thing I got during the holidays? A bad cold. Unwillingly do I cut back on holiday sweets to instead drink soup and tea. And sleep. Here’s to a healthy new year. Thank goodness the recordings will last far longer than this blasted respiratory crud!

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Posted by Susan A. Kitchens on December 31, 2007 in • สล็อตออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริงOral History ProjectsPersonal History
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YEEHAW!  Way to go!  And do please keep us posted about your StoryCorps experience. 
Terry Thornton

Terry Thornton  on 01/01  at  10:31 AM

Thanks!!!!! Just returned from delivering brother and fellow interviewer-to-be to the Rose Bowl… a place not far from here, and which I never go to on New Years Day. But he got a ticket through work, so he came here and then got a drop off ride.

Susan A. Kitchens  on 01/01  at  01:24 PM

Hope you’re feeling better!

I’ll be looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming StoryCorps experience. I think I’ll check out the book too. Sounds like a great experience in and of itself.

Lee  on 01/03  at  06:23 PM

I ordered “Listening is an Act of Love” and it arrived before Christmas.

I had a wonderful experience today. As I was listing to the Story Corps podcast on the way to work this morning, I realized the story was from the book. It was the one about the little girl in Appalachia whose mother had constructed a “paper farm” for her to take in to class. It was so weird hearing the story from the “actual person” after I had read it in the book.

I am used to hearing the podcast but reading the stories is good too…

Hope your recording experience was a good one.

Kent  on 01/08  at  12:39 PM

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