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The webinar focused mostly about how to think like an interviewer. Here are some resources to Think like an audio engineer (or audio+video if you’re video recording). At the bottom of this page are some links and resources for equipment.

Movies! We got ’em!

1940 census: Here’s a movie excerpt of the interview I did with my mother when we looked at the 1940 census.

Interviewing using photo albums: This shows you how to tie your conversation about photo albums to the actual items in the album (so that people who come along later know what’s what). And it features the awesome scrapbook of my Great Aunt Doris, painter and horsewoman.

First link below (Major Life Events) contains the link to the spreadsheet I mentioned in the webinar.

Further links (from Qs that came up)

On interviewing survivors of the holocaust.
Shoah Foundation oral history program at USC. The conducting testimonials page; there’s a link to a PDF for interviewers, maybe some good advice there.
The introductory paragraph here (for UCSB’s oral history program) has some good advice.
(I will also need to look at the archives of the oral history discussion email list to see if there are other good bits of advice about how to sensitively conduct an interview. Here’s one thing I saw in reading items: Make the interview about the person’s entire life story, to put the holocaust experience in a larger context.)
There’s more: a list of questions [pdf] from the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, another list of questions
LifeStoriesMontreal is a project collecting the life stories of Montrealers affected by War, Genocide and other Human Rights violations. The Oral History Training page contains some comments about how they train their interviewers, and there are some PDFs and powerpoints linked from there that will provide further guidance for interviewing.

Transcription: I added a link to the comparison of Siri vs Transcribe software (page bottom). I have another how-to-set-up the transcription software post that’s in draft form. Just got moved up the To Do list! smile

Get “Audio Engineer” Pocket Quick Guide

Do you have an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch? I made a PDF printable. You don’t have to memorize all the steps to prepare your handheld to be your on-the-go recording device— I’ve done it for you. It applies if you have an Android phone or tablet, too.

Print out Quick Guide, crease and fold it Tuck folded guide into your wallet

Print out the Pocket Quick Guide, fold it (illustrated instructions included), cut one fold with scissors, and it’s ready to tuck into your wallet. Audio Engineer knowledge? It’s there with you!

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Related Links for Intervewing and Equipment

First one in this list contains the link to the spreadsheet.

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